Finally got the motivation together to sort a bunch of stuff, put it in tubs, use the label maker to say what’s in the tubs, and put them on shelves.

We’d been avoiding this for a while, so there was a table heaped in forlorn clutter after the holidays shaming us each time we walked by it. But tonight, while it wasn’t much fun, we managed to organize and get it done.

It’s not that the task was all that hard, but my wife and I have found we don’t coordinate tasks well together. Lots of reasons for that, but it’s weird. It’s sometimes common that folks will say they trigger each other when they mean they get on each other’s nerves. In our case, we really do trigger each other, to the point where point of us need a nap or a drink afterwards. You’d figure people who’d been together for over sixteen years would have this figured out, but apparently we don’t do that many things that require mutual planning.

As the streamer’s graphic says during cuts, “but did you die?” No, we survived. And our stuff’s organized. Yay.