Today, I took Izzy “Little Moose” to the vet for a recheck after she had a couple of unplanned tooth extractions two weeks ago. For a little background, she and her sister “Fat Moose” are nervous travelers, which is to say that they habitually soil their cages while traveling in the car as either a dirty protest or simply out of fear. They’ve never had anything untoward happen in transit with us, but these are both rescues. We got Lily at five, and she has some weird behaviors where I think she wasn’t well treated before. Izzy apparently was dumped, because she was found on the street yet wasn’t feral.

Anyway, for the inevitable “car bombs” I’m not sure if it’s Fat Moose who starts the party and Little/Skinny Moose who follows sympathetically, but they do this pretty much each time they travel by car together. Not much you can do about it when you’re on the highway but try not to inhale too deeply.

Izzy was solo today, and I’m really proud of her. Sure, she made threats, wheedled, and otherwise carried on the whole way there, but no mess. Even on the way back, the cage stayed dry.

Upon reaching home, however, she made it to the litter box and pointedly left an unburied deposit. Normally this cat buries in the litter box like she’s in witness protection, the “you didn’t see me, I was never here” thing. This time she waited right by it to ensure I got the message. I apologized for the trip, and got her a few cat treats, which she accepted and resumed normal behavior. I think I was let off with a warning, so I’ll take it.