The only thing more annoying than people doing the “HOA” thing on the fediverse is people complaining about people doing the HOA thing on the fediverse. I get it. Many are disappointed that either their corner of the fediverse or the fediverse as a whole isn’t what they would have wanted, but they’re literally lecturing people in the same manner about how we’re doing it wrong.

People have different needs. I’m not sure if those Twitter holdouts were ever going to stay using fediverse services, if they loved that experience and wanted to replicate it on a new platform. However, if you do the same things you did before, why wouldn’t it turn out exactly the way it did before?

I’m sorry some very intriguing and interesting folks I followed moved on. I don’t blame them at all, but I’m curating my follows to mirror the vibe of my fediverse instance. I’m not going to chase folks to Yet Another Jack Dorsey Brilliant Idea™.