I was lying on my back in the driveway today on the cold concrete, feeling the breeze from the carport and hearing the rain start to drum on the roof when I found myself wondering why the hell I’m still changing my own oil at home.

Historically, the reason why I did it was to save a few bucks, which totally makes sense when you’re stretching your dollar as hard as you can so you can spend it on other things. Adding to that, I remember my family making comment about those we perceived to have “more money than brains” if they paid someone else to do something they could have done for themselves.

Yet, at this point in my life, who’m I trying to impress with a meaningless gesture of self-sufficiency? We barely drive the ICE car anymore, preferring mostly to drive the EV around. Any money I’d be saving doesn’t matter at all over stretched over that timeline. I never wanted to be someone who couldn’t adjust when their circumstances changed, and this is something I think I need to let go of.