Tonight I noticed what looked like someone had thrown a drink on the back of my car at some point. I’d been egged before years ago, so I scrolled through the video footage from the motion cam to see what happened.

I’m not sure if it’s better or worse knowing what happened. With five cameras providing a 360 view, I ended up having multiple angles of the homeless guy in the process of contemplating, deciding, dropping trou, and peeing all over the back of my vehicle. We have the on-the-bumper camera’s close-up schlong view, as well as a higher-up view of his face and torso. From the circumstances, it was clear that this was more than just “I have to go and your car looks like a giant urinal” but instead an effort to cover as much surface area as he could. His finale of a big middle finger gesture toward the place where we’d gone inside to shop was a perfect way to finish the clip.

FWIW, I’m glad I didn’t catch him doing it, as I don’t react well in the moment sometimes. Confrontation wouldn’t have been good for either of us, and whatever kind of day I was having, I’m sure his was worse.

I’m also glad that piddle’s the worst of what he did. He apparently vandalized the car right next to mine, and appeared to be unsuccessfully trying to do something to one of my tires.