Decided after fiddling around with Arch and Arch-derived distros that I’d install EndeavourOS on my main machine. The prospect was not without some trepidation–well, relative trepidation–because I’m never sure if I’m going to run into a deal-breaker that will cause me to revert. I’d backed up my data in multiple locations, so I wasn’t worried about that. It’s more a question of time and remembering all the tweaks that I seem never to remember to document as I tweak previous installs.

With only a few hiccups, the install went very smoothly even with SecureBoot enabled and an Nvidia video card. I think the much-newer-than-Debian kernel helped with the newer hardware I’m running. I initially fell back to X11 for graphics, but once I switched the card back to dynamic/switched mode from discrete, Wayland seems to be working just fine. I love it when stuff just seems to work. I’ve noted a few stability issues with crashes (which I think are related to Nvidia/graphics), but it’s not that consequential to me. If the gaming’s that important, I can boot my Windows partition for the frame rate and builtin spying.